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Our Angel Ambassadors

These wonderful Australians are Ambassadors to Farm Angels and our 2024 Flanno for a Farmer Campaign. Thank you.


Travis Fimmel

I’m a fourth generation farmer, so I know how important the work Farm Angels do really is. Many years ago I remember my father shooting our whole mob of sheep in drought and it was only two years ago my brother’s Lucerne farm was destroyed by flood. I know farmers are raised to cop a lot, but that shouldn’t mean they have to do it alone. They are the backbone to our country. Produce doesn’t get made at your local grocery stores. It gets made in our heartlands. So I’ll be chucking on my flanno on 23 Aug, and I’m excited to have travla supporting Aussie farmers along with us. Get involved, sign up, raise some money for a great cause.


Kirk Reynoldson

If Farm Angels had been around in the 80s when drought took away our farm in South West Queensland, things could’ve been a lot different for our family. But Farm Angels saved a very good mate of mine in recent years. It doesn’t get more meaningful & impactful than that. I’ll do whatever it takes to support the Farm Angels’ mission.

These wonderful Australians are Ambassadors to Farm Angels and our 2024 Flanno for a Farmer Campaign. Thank you.


Billy Menhennet

Growing up in the farming industry I know how tough it can be and how big the benefits are of the community coming together to support our local farmers doing it tough. That is why this year I am standing with Farm Angels ‘Flanno for Farmer’ campaign!


Courtney Sippel

I’m supporting Flanno for Farmers this year because I know first hand what it’s like to go through natural disasters on the land. I would like to play a part in helping farmers in any way I can.

Daniel Sanders

Daniel Sanders

Not only do I race dirt bikes for a living, but I also work on the family apple farm back home. This year I am wearing a flanno to show my support to Aussie farmers.

Farmer Brad

Farmer Brad

As a farmer, I know firsthand how hard living and working on the land can be. I’m supporting Farm Angels and Flanno for a Farmer because they are here for farmers when times get tough.


Katie Nash

I am beyond grateful to be a part of this campaign not only to support the incredible work Drought Angels do for Farmers but to also return the favour, after being on the receiving end of their kindness, empathy and encouragement during the 2017-2020 drought.


Tess & Harry Brockman

Tess & I are jumping on board with Farm Angels’ ‘Flanno for a Farmer’ for our second year, as we love being a part of such a meaningful cause. We know the lengths and dedication Farmer’s go to for their farms and families, and to bring more recognition to that is very important to us.


Jack Berne

Since 2018 I have supported and worked alongside Farm Angels. I’m so proud to be an ambassador and continue to assist our Australian Farming communities


Jayne Denham

I met the team at Drought Angels when they started and have seen them help so many people over the years. So, to now see it grow to become Farm Angels due to the fact they are not just helping those in drought but all farmers who are needing help, I am honoured to be an ambassador this year for Flano’s for a Farmer.


Tom & Jenna Stefanovic

We both have an incredibly deep respect for farmers across the country. They are at the mercy of Mother Nature and constantly face unpredictable weather patterns, which can be both physically and mentally challenging. In times of drought, the financial, social and environmental costs to farmers and subsequently their communities can be devastating. The immediate support Farm Angels can provide Aussie farmers in times of need can be life-changing and it is an honour to stand alongside this important organisation


Karise Eden

Advocating for farmers in need is crucial because they are the backbone of our food supply, and their well-being directly impacts food security and sustainability. Supporting these farmers ensures the stability of rural economies, families, and the preservation of agricultural traditions and knowledge. I am honoured to be an ambassador for Farm Angels


Kirsty & Jesse

Farmers are the backbone of Australia, and we feel most at home when we are out on Country. Being ambassadors for “Flanno for a Farmer” and working with Drought Angels to help raise money for our Aussie hero’s is something we are so proud to be a part of.


Leila McDougall

Farm Angels and Flano for a Farmer provide essential resources and support that sustain farmers’ livelihoods and well-being, resonating deeply with my mission to promote and support farming life. These initiatives align perfectly with the work I do through JUST A FARMER, Live Rural, and Mellow in the Yellow


Paige Donald

Farmers are the backbone of our country! We couldn’t do it without them!


Tyla Rodrigues

Very excited to announce that I will be a Farm Angels Ambassador for Flanno for a Farmer 2024. So grateful that I had the opportunity to pop into HQ today to meet Natasha in person, the Founder of Farm Angels, taking a tour of their warehouse and learning all about their contribution to our farming communities.. Join Flanno for a Farmer and wear your favourite flanno on Friday 23rd August 2024 to support Aussie Farmers and make a difference.


Sammie O’Brien

I’m excited to be partnering with Farm Angels for the wonderful ‘Flanno for a Farmer’ initiative. Supporting our farmers and the incredible work they do in feeding our country is always something to get behind. This initiative is a fantastic way to give back!


James Blundell

A great initiative.. Country People in Australia value simplicity and efficiency above all else, and what is more efficient than a flannelette shirt..? strong, reliable , warm, fashionable..🤣 the list goes on..

In addressing financial frustration and mental health issues in rural Australia, there is little time and less patience for vague platitudes and empty promises of support. Recognising the importance of our Primary Producers, and the issues that accompany uncertainty and insecurity has never been more needed, and can really only be delivered efficiently by people who understand the reality facing a critical section of our national identity.. I’m very proud to be involved, and look forward to all the positives that emerge in the process..


Luke Bateman

This year I’m standing with Farm Angels ’Flanno for a Farmer’ campaign because I know from personal experience how far a helping hand can go for farmers doing it tough. Despite country folk being resilient, they aren’t invincible, and the support Farm Angels offer is irreplaceable when times turn hard.


Emme Williams

As a 3rd generation farmer’s daughter, I understand the importance of a community coming together to support one another. That is why I am an Ambassador for Farm Angels.