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This is fashion with compassion

Most farmers would give the shirt off their own backs if it meant helping someone in need. It’s because many have seen hard times and understand that a simple gesture can make a world of difference.

Flanno for a Farmer is just that: a great way to let Aussie farmers know that we’ve got their backs. By raising a few dollars and donning your finest flanno on Friday August 23, you’ll be supporting farmers impacted by natural disasters, mental wellbeing issues, and the rising costs of primary production.

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How to get involved.


Sign up

Simply register online, fill in your profile and dust off your flanno. Rolling up your sleeves to help has never been more comfortable.


Raise money

Let Aussie farmers know you’ve got their back by first donating to your page. Then you can start fundraising! Tell everyone you know you are ready to flaunt your finest flanno and ask them to sponsor you today.


Look the part

Sport a flanno on Friday 23 August and support Aussie farmers. Shoulder to shoulder, flanno to flanno, all for our Aussie farmers.

Together we can support our Aussie Farmers who have been through so much.

To take part and show your heart, all you have to do is sign up.