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How we help

Farm Angels was established as Drought Angels in 2014 to respond to the needs of primary producers impacted by prolonged drought, initially in Queensland. Since then, the organisation has expanded to provide financial assistance, food hampers, care packs, and mental wellbeing support to over 4,700 primary producers affected by all natural disasters (drought, flood, fire, and plagues) in over 1,300 communities across Australia. The frequency and severity of natural disasters mean many are at risk of losing their farm or walking away. According to a 2021 study, one farmer completes suicide every 10 days (59% higher than the rate among non-farmers). Farm Angels seeks to reduce this through phone conversations and on farm visits. By supporting these farmers to stay on the land through assistance tailored to their individual needs, Farm Angels contributes to Australia’s regional economies, food security and the social wellbeing of rural communities.

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Our Direct Impact

Tangible assistance is delivered in the form of food hampers and care packs. Pre-Paid Mastercards, IGA & BP Gift Cards bearing no reference to their charitable source, empower farmers to provide for their families with dignity. This form of direct assistance allows families to purchase supplies from their local businesses, ensuring not only the family farm remains operational, but the economy of these vital rural communities is also kept viable for future generations.

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Messages from our Farmers

OH my gosh, it's so wonderful to hear from you, we are doing well, and the grass is green, the flood took out fences and a dam wall, but we are ok.

The calls are amazing, and I love hearing from you and talking about life and having a laugh. It isn't like talking to a person in a call centre, you are a real person and feels like I'm talking to an old friend. It just shows that we aren't forgotten and that you still care all this time later. Thank you so much.

NSW Farmer

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We would like to thank you so, so much for our beautiful surprise we received from you. The cards will be a great help to pay our outstanding bills we have at the moment.

Thank You so much for your generous support.

NSW Farmer

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If you ever wanted to know if you're making a difference, you are, and take it from me.

I would love to see how many farmers have stayed on their property because of you guys. It's the bloodlines and genetics that Australia can't afford to lose.

You guys are real Aussies and are doing what real Aussie need to be doing.

NSW Farmer

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I can't thank you guys enough with what you have done for me. I felt like an absolute failure last time we spoke and then I got the cards and also the card just before Father's Day, it all really lifted me.

The chat was probably the best thing at that time and I realised that I'm not on my own and I will get through it all. Probably gave me the post of hope and real talk that I needed. The chat was about real stuff that was happening and I knew there was no judgement and that no matter what happened it was all going to be OK eventually.

I can't thank you enough. Really pulled me out of a dark place so thank you.

Western Australian Farmer

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Thank you all very much for your support and much needed help which you gave us. We are so grateful knowing "strangers" were helping us through hard times was heartwarming! Years of drought were hard enough, but to cop the devastating fire on top of that, was a real "kick in the guts". Hopefully some time in the future we can return you some support.

Once again, sincere thanks to you all.

New South Wales Farming Family

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Just a note to thank you so much for the beautiful goodies you dropped off today. It was just like Christmas. It really was appreciated and a very big morale booster.

Thank you also for giving up your time to visit and deliver the goodies. You too have family that you are leaving behind whilst travelling. People like yourselves are very special. There maybe a lot of negativity in the world but acts of kindness like this make that negativity insignificant. From the bottom of our heart thank you. Travel safely.

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From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your kindness and support during our ordeal.
You are a wonderful organisation that supports farmers during droughts, fires and other disasters and we are all so blessed and grateful that you care.

Much love, Victorian fire affected farming family

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Mental Health Statistics

Aussie farmers work long hours performing physically demanding work which is intimately tied to almost every aspect of their lives and the lives of their families, often across several generations.  Sadly, they are balancing more priorities than ever before including: market fluctuations; family responsibilities; succession planning; sourcing work off-farm while trying to keep the family farm running after business hours; and, uncontrollable weather events and natural disasters; just to name a few. These pressures have a profound effect on the mental and physical health of Aussie farmers which is amplified by isolation.  Our Angels on the Phone provide regular wellbeing check-ins, a listening ear, and a referral pathway to help farmers access the help they need.

  • 200,000 farmers in Australia
  • One farmer commits suicide every 10 days
  • Each year, the average suicide rate in farmers was almost 59 per cent higher than non-farmers,
  • One of the highest suicide rates in Australian workforce and a similar rate to construction workers
  • Male farmers under the age of 50, or over the age of 80, and separated, have the highest rate of suicide.
  • NSW has the highest farmer suicide rate followed by QLD and VIC

Source – Rural Health

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