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Gifts in Will

Leave a gift in your Will

Since 2014, Farm Angels has made a significant difference to the lives of primary producers and farmers all over Australia. We have helped thousands of farmers overcome the impacts of drought, floods, plagues, fires, COVID and many other personal tragedies with financial assistance, food hampers, care packs, tangible goods, and a listening ear. But Australia is prone to natural disasters and our Aussie farmers will continually need our support.

This is why we would like to extend to you an invitation to consider leaving a gift (also known as a bequest) to Farm Angels Ltd (Farm Angels). Providing a gift in your Will to Farm Angels is an extraordinary act of generosity that will have a significant impact in the lives of Aussie producers and farming families, providing food security for future generations.

Every gift makes a difference to Aussie producers and through careful thought and consideration, you have an opportunity to leave a legacy that will reflect your personal values and passions for generations to come.

To leave a legacy, you must first make a Will

A Will ensures, that after death, your wishes are protected and efficiently implemented, plus it allows you to:

    • Name the Executor/s you would like to carry out your wishes as you intend them.
    • Make arrangement for the guardianship of minors, naming people you can rely upon to bring up your children according to the values you hold dear.
    • Give your Estate (divided as you choose) to family, friends, and/or charitable organisations like Farm Angels.
    • State your wishes as to whether you prefer to be buried or cremated, and any other instructions, such as organ donation.
    • Nominate whom you wish to conduct your funeral service.

If you don’t have a Will, your Estate will be distributed according to government regulations. This can be costly and can cause unnecessary problems and anxiety for your loved ones.

When should a Will be created or reviewed?

    • Upon marriage
    • Upon the birth of a child
    • Upon separation
    • Upon divorce
    • Upon entering a de facto relationship
    • When amendments are made to the law (e.g., tax, superannuation)
    • After the purchase or sale of a substantial asset
    • Upon the death of a beneficiary or Executor
    • Once children or grandchildren turn 18
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How can you remember Farm Angels in your Will?

There are several options available to you to include Farm Angels in your Will.

    1. Specific Bequest: This is the gift of an item of specific value, passed onto Farm Angels to generate funds. It can be in the form of a gift of real estate or an investment such as stocks or shares.
    2. Residual Bequest: A residual legacy is a gift of whatever is left of your Estate (or percentage thereof) after all of your gifts, taxes, debts have been fulfilled. When you choose this form of gift, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be cared for, without sacrificing your long-term support for Farm Angels. As a residual gift does not reflect a specific gift amount, this form of gift keeps its value regardless of inflation. In other words, the gift you nominate today is worth just as much in the future.
    3. Pecuniary Bequest: This form of gift specifies a set dollar amount, determined by you as the time of drawing up or altering your Will.
    4. A Testamentary Trust: Testamentary trusts are discretionary trusts established in Wills, that allow the trustees of each trust to decide, from time to time, which of the nominated beneficiaries (if any) may receive the benefit of the distributions from that trust for any given period.

Next Steps

If you would like to leave a gift to Farm Angels in your Will, we recommend that you contact your legal advisor, the Public Trustee in your local government office, or a Trustee company. Alternatively, you can use an online option to create a simple Will. We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, who host a free and easy step-by-step online Will writing service. It takes less than 10 minutes.

If you are preparing or have prepared your Will independently and would like some assistance with wording to insert a clause in your Will or to update your existing Will, please contact our team on 07 4662 7371 or at [email protected].