Rural Day Off

We love to make our farming families feel special and appreciated

Farm Angels selects a community that has been identified through clusters of assistance applications and conversations with community members. We bring together our farmers and their neighbours for a day of friendship and pampering, allowing them a day away from their farms so they can forget about their struggles.

These days are coordinated by Farm Angels; morning tea, lunch and an evening meal is provided, and we endeavour to source the vast majority of suppliers from the local community (hairdressers, massage therapists, entertainment etc). 

We encourage companies to sponsor our Rural Day Off days (RDO’s) and to participate in these incredible experiences.

Our families can relax and let their barriers down

We serve them throughout the day with smiles and a listening ear. Each family receives a rural goody bag containing items such as grocery hampers, care packs, dog food, stock feed, and pre-paid Mastercards ensuring they don’t go home empty handed at the end of the day. The value of the Mastercards depends on the donations received in the lead up to the day – our target is a minimum of $1000 for each family.

Our RDO’s cost approximately $70,000-90,000 per day, depending on numbers – a significant investment which never fails to deliver heart-warming and genuinely appreciated results.

Natural disasters pose an enormous challenge for our farmers and their communities, but with the help of generous businesses and donors across Australia we will always be right beside them helping them get through it!


“I didn’t know how much I needed this”

“I forgot how we used to celebrate and get together”

“How awesome is this old hall, we really should do more events like this”

“My mental health was pretty poor, This is the best I have felt in a long time. As Long as I can remember!”

“Huge thank you to Farm Angels for the event which I thought was just so wonderful! I enjoyed my haircut, massage and the opportunity to socialise with others you really made my day.”